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it happens generally in cold weather like first thing in the morning my battery light stays on my TCS light stays on my maintenance light and my check engine light along with my srs light please help
Coils going bad causing cylinders to misfire and or headlight issues igniter going bad power steering issues
My car is lagging and making a winning noise.
Diagnostic cod p1399
The car drives some times and other times it wont shift out of gears
My battery has been checked and that doesn't appear to be the issue. I am curious to know what the reason for both the parking brake and battery lights could come on only when im stopped at a light or idle. I had a collision repair done to my back right door, and yesterday found out that my power windows for that specific door's window doesn't work and the door doesn't open from inside. I'm taking it to the collision repair shop tomorrow, but I'm interested in knowing if this is an unrelated problem to the electrical mishap with the collision shop.

Thank you,
Rowel Zaya
My check engine light and tcs are on when I start driving after2 minutes.
My car shut down in the middle of the road, started bucking and bogging like it was out of gas but has a full tank. Can someone pleaae elaborate on what could of caused this? It will no longer start now and it is a 5 speed manual transmission
My 2000 TL will not start after I drive it for awhile (it is not overheating by the gauge). I have to wait about 10-15 minutes and it will then start somewhat rough and then it is fine. I have inquired about this with a Acura shop. The replaced the relay but it still happens. Today it did the same thing however something happened a little different. The car stared and then it stopped in gear. Luckily it rolled back in the parking space and now I was scared because I could not move it out of the gear and the car did not crank at all and now I'm really scared. I waited and prayed for about 5 minutes and I turned the key and it started no problem. I arrived home and turned the car off and then turned it on again it started. No one seems to know what is causing this problem. This has been going on for about 2 years off and on. I had a free diagnostic at AutoZone and it said I had a misfire. I wanted to drive home to that is about 450 miles away. Thank you.
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