1999 Acura TL Questions

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I can't open the back door!

My car sticking in gear .now just drive in neutral no other gear it won't move in any other gear

w.w. just went pfft and quit...checked fuse - looks good

it wants to turn over but it want

right rear tail light unit isn't working- the left is ( have changed bulbs)

I listen to books on CD. Sometimes when I switch from radio to CD it acts like it will start to read it, takes forever and then starts playing. Other times it just never reads the CD.
On the radio, I can scan to find the local stations and 9 times out of 10 there will only be 2 or 3 stations that will come in clear when I know there should be more.

Replaced the dual linear shift solenoid but it didnt help

After changing the dual shift solenoid, the problem was not fixed. Can anyone help me out?

Whether I'm in auto or manual shift mode on my tl it is slow to shift from first to second gear and once it shifts it does so rather hard how can this be fixed

It's not only my head lights but all of my interior lights. This morning my car would switch on. I was told it could be my battery or alternator.

There is an "S1" that periodically appears on the right side of the gear indicator lights. What does it mean?

I can't find any info in the owner's manual and the dealer has never heard of it! Can anyone tell me what this "S1" means? Thanks!