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my car was overheating when i was on the highway,the car shut off on me. i waited for an 30mins before i start it back up,i had to be to work in the next hour so i gunned back home. the next day i sarted the car and the whole car started to shake and stared to make funny noises.i coutinoue to drive to work but i let the car set when i get off, now the car overheat with 20mins,the check engine light keep blinking, and the car off if im setting at a red light or it will shake real bad!! the shakin slow down alittle when i put the gear in park? what do yall think the problem is?
what does the code p730 mean
The car would start but not stay on I changed the things I thought it would be but still same situation
my heater doesn't work during very cold weather but now it starting work from yesterday,now temp +12 please advice what i have to do. what is the problem? thanks
is this a head gasket and what can i expect for repair cost????
I bought a 1997 Acura 2.5 TL off craigslist and when the car is cold it would go into gear but when it warms up it will not move and the rpm gauges goes up and down could someone please tell me the problem.
the engine temp is fine but it will not heat at idle. only when driving at highway speeds will there be hot air from the vents.
If the car sits 4 to 8 hrs ..everytime
I have a brake lamp light on in my acura 2.3 tl 1997. It's the left side of the car, the right side is o.k. I put in new bulbs in, but brake lamp light is still on. Is it a fuse problem, and if so what fuse to replace? I don't have the car manual.\r\n
were is my starter at
heater is on and off when turned on.
I cant find that sucker anywhere, where should I be looking?
how much oil does this engine hold including the filter... thanks
added refrigerant R134a 2 bottles few weeks back since A/C was cooling well, the low side pressure was around 25psi and after adding 24 oz of R134a the pressure was around 40psi. However after few days of good cooling, the a/c stopped working. The low pressure side is showing higher than normal pressure. Could this be a expansion valve issue ?
My wiper delay works maybe 1% of the time. It usually stops in the middle of the windshield. the slow and fast speed were fine until three wks ago. Now I only have slow speed. Is this something I can fix myself and how. Or do I need to just take it to the shop? Any help greatly appreciated.
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