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Yes good evening I have a 1997 Acura 3.2 TL I took my car Monday 10/28/13 for replacement of a blower motor was told in advance it will be 8-hours of labor at 45.00 per hour no problem for me. 2-days later I get a call the car is ready but they also replaced the HEATER CORE and flushed the engine the bill was 1,518.72 645.00 of that bill was Labor what is your take on this Respectfully Bob Rodriguez
I need to change my o2 sensor and started looking around to see how much the part would cost me. When they started asking all these questions, I don't even know where its located. How do I find the sensor?
Front a stop position, a thud is heard from the right rear when accelerating quickly, only from 1 to 2 gear. Dose seem to be more noticeable the more quickly you accelerate. If you consciously accelerate slowly, there is no sound.

I've thought perhaps transmission, seems likely, but that is not where the sound is coming from. Any ideas?
no leaks in cooling system, happens often.
I am looking for the ac thermostat on my car and need help finding it.
not getting ground to egr circuit in vacuum box.
Im and experienced mechanic 20+ years but this car has me baffled. Will run great for 5 to 10 minutes then starts spittin and idling rough. then will not take gas and has no check engine codes. Any suggestions welcome.
i ran out of gas but when i refilled my car wont start and my dash lights are not coming on. it sounds like it wants to start, but it wont.
year it is very unpredictable but happens once a day at least
Have had mechanic check out problem.. wheel bearings good, brakes good- suspension checks out fine. Noise from rear end has been off and on for the last three weeks. Brand new tires. Any ideas on what could be making the intermittent noise?
sometimes when i play with the gear shift back and forth it will come out(sometimes)???
I dont know what the problem is. The speedometer still work, as well as every thing else on the cluster. I dont know what to do.
How to change waterpump?
the bolts are rusted and i have no idea how to get it off the rubber hangers
my battery gets drained every time i shut the engine off the lights and electical system goes wild on and off. I messed with the fuse box a week ago please help me i dont think its the battery but something is terribly wrong????
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