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Time required to install catalytic converter
Steering is loose car running sterring pump or ?
I went to check the cars engine out more in depth once I got it back home. It drove nicely and shifted smooth as well as passed ODBIII test. Practicly got the car for next to nothing. But after checking the oil and seeing it looked lower than when I checked earlier that morning I decided to check spark plugs and a few other things. When I opened spark plug compartment 1 (front left side) it was clean and when I removed spark plug it was just worn and needed replacing soon. I decided to check all plugs now and that when I discovered that 4 out of all 6 spark plug compartments had oil in them. Not just some oil but a lot of oil with one compartment nearly filling it up entirely. How long has it been there? I have no idea. Last oil change was 3 months prior and had been sitting mostly since. Compression tests showed no problems with head gasket either. Not sure if there a leak from valve cover or what. Ideas?
Started car previous night and radio would not work, anti theft light on radio blinked while car was running. This morning car started right up but again no radio. Left work tonight and turned key in ignition and nothing, no crank, no dash board lights. Tried to start 5 time over a half hour and then car turned right over and radio prompted me for code and worked. Any ideas?
timing belt problems
My car is stuck in park,my Windows won't let down, and the entire dashboard stopped working. .what could be the problem?
CODE P0141
My 1999 Acura won't shift when I accelerate but as I slow down I can feel it shift
Could this be caused by the cylinoid sensor in the transmition or is it shot?
when im drivenan when it start to change out it goes in its gear with a hard shift were you can eel it shift out
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