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I have added fog lights to my car and they are not connected to the problem but I changed the switch for the lights and it was not that either. But the mechanic said it could be the radio or A/C switches that I would need to change. So I am unable to drive my car at night due to not have my back lights work and the ability to see my dashboard at night. But I just need to see if someone also had the same problem and how much it would cost? Thanks so much in advance.
I am a healthy, intelligent man with over 60 years of owning and driving manual
shift cars exclusively (except for loaners). After buying my 2005 Acura RSX new at Curry Acura in Scarsdale, NY, my clutch started slipping, and "needed replace-
ment" at about 15,000 miles; then at about 30,000 miles, then at 44,000 miles, and now, unbelievably, at 47,000 miles. I have never had any slipping clutch in any previous car. I don't ride the clutch, and I don't make jackrabbit starts. I press the pedal all the way, to shift gears and to coast when appropriate.
get too Ignition Starter you have to remove the Manifold thats when I notice M.I.L on the O.B.D. read P1077 , P1078 was this caused by Mechanic Error
Is this a sensor or does the cat. converter need to be replaced altogether? Check engine light came on, code P0420, failed emissions inspection.
I have an issue with my rsx-s where in low gears (1-4) the rpm's will jump from 3500 to about 4000 when I accelerate without putting any power to the wheels. The horsepower kicks back in as soon as it hits 4k rpm, so it isn't wheel slip. Another problem I've been having in is 5th and 6th gear on the interstate. When you accelerate and hit just below 4000 rpm, the revs hold steady and no matter how much gas I give the engine, they won't climb any higher. It can't be the rpm gauge because it goes well above 4000 in every other gear, but won't in the higher ones. Please keep in mind this is a 6-speed manual, not an automatic. Thanks!
there is a green key that flashes on the dashboard, what does that mean?
From a complete stop; If I have to speed up quickly, the engine "stutters". There's no "check engine" light, so no codes. If I "take it slower" there's no problem, but there are times when it's necessary to get up to speed quickly (i.e. rush hour, left turns)
Has anyone had a similar problem?
At what mileage is it reccomended to have the timing belt changed in a acura RSX 2005?

Were is the best place to have it done?
05 acura 2.0 had car checked had 2 codes of po141.the parts house said its o2 heater sensor circuit malfunction bank 1 sensor2. replaced downstream o2 sensor. light came back on about an hour later.I installed stainless steel exhaust on car awhile back doesn't have converter, they told me when i bought it that it would work with no problems.Well there's some kind of problem. Any ideas out there to solve this problem? Or what this code means. Thanks
Engine light just came on, went to Auto Zone for the diagnostic test. It's the upstream o2 sensor. Where exactly is it located and which one is the best on out there?
I damaged only my front lip on my Acura RSX. No damage on bumper or fog lights. I was wondering if i could just remove the front lip and replace it. Is the lip connected to the bumper?
I've got a 2005 Acura RSX. I justed hit the curb and messed up the front bumper underneath the fog lights (front lip). I would like to know the cost to replace, install, and paint a new bumper. Also, if a repair would be more appropriate. The paint has come off and the passenger side front lip is caved in.
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