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The rear lights are on without me turning them on, this problem just started, I notice this strange problem I turn on full lights and turnoff but back still on. I disconnect battery but still did not fix problem.
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I overheated once but I still smell steam. I can see steam coming from the radiator cap and area. It is a new cap. A pressure test was done and there is a leak but where?. No coolant on ground.nothing coming from head or anywhere and the gauge is normal.the amount of coolant I put in is very small if at all.After running the engine at idle for 30 minutes the bottom of radiator is cool to the touch and hot above the midline.
Not sure if this is related but occasionally I hear a whine when I throttle up instead of normal engine growl. What's that?
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My car is 10 years old, and after rotating my tires (routine maint.) I saw my ball joint boots were torn, as well as the outer tie rod, and stabilizer bar linkage boots. These rubber boots I need to have replaced, but I'm not sure how much a shop will charge me. Unfortunately, I don't have the tools or knowledge for this so basically I'm just looking for a ball park estimate on how many Franklins I'm looking at. Thanx.
has cover on top of plugs and want to know if can unplug wire that goes to cover that is over plugs
so i just changed my rotors on my car. now when i am driving there is a scraping sound with a pulse. its not constant but its like there is a bump on my rotor. i did not change the pads because they where not bad. i have no iidea why it is doing it.
I have a 2004 Acura RSX with only 40,046 miles on it. Recently I have noticed a high pitch sound while driving. I thought it might be the automatic transmission but it changes gears smoothly. My mechanic couldn't tell where the sound was coming from and thought it could be in the engine. He suggested I wait for the sound to get louder. Has anyone else with this model RSX had this problem or do you have any thoughts about what it could be? Thanks
no problems at present.
What do I need to do when replacing the rear pads on a 04 rsx, does the emergency brake and calipar have to be retracked or does the calipar just come off as with the from=nts?
Any hints on replacing the driver's side front headlight bulb.
Keyless entry doesn't work anymore. Replaced the batteries in both transmitters, reprogrammed the system and no luck. Master lock switch and keys work OK. Fuse is OK. Any body know how I can fix it?
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