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I've got an 09 Acura RL and I'm getting a message that reads "Check Radiator System". When I turn the AC on the car’s temp skyrockets and the other day the car even overheated in traffic (I guess b/c there was no natural road air coming in to cool the engine). I’ve read where it might be the AC/ radiator fan relay or blown fuses. I checked all and none blown and replaced the relay just in case and still same problem. Obviously the fans are not coming on b/c I don’t hear them anymore, could this be an electrical issue? I also thought that the coolant might be low but that wouldn’t make the system shut down like that I don’t think? I’m going to take it to a mechanic but I just wanted some advice in case it was something minor I could take care of myself. Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated as I live in Houston and having no AC is certain death!!!
any time there is weight on the passenger side seat and i start the engine, the light comes on and the alert keep beeping, but if i start the engine first and put weight on the seat, it doesnt blink. just lately the AFS light comes on each light i turn on the headlight.
The airbag code 76-61 keeps coming up each time i diagnos and i bought the E-P unit only to be told that my vehicle doesnt come equipped with that unit and i cannt return it becos its electrical. the vehicle was invovled in a frontal/right side collision.
Please help/advice
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