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Ac can only be selected in auto. Blows warm air
Does this hurt to drive the car
we had reset the light and it is back up again, we took it to a shop they looked at it and said everything looks ok and not sure what is going on - and acura wants 200-250 dollars for fees to just look at it

thanks in advance
An expansion valve in the dryer filter I broke the lines I blew through the condenser and evaporator no restrictions I vacuum the actual system new compressor has no suction so I take it back off and went to get a new compressor vacuum it down again still no suction so I added free on with the machine the correct amount compressor clutch engages but still no cold air
My car was running find, I stop for a second and turned my car off, went to start it and there was no power, check under the hood while getting a jump and it started up fine, went to pull off and the car cut off again, messed with the negative terminal and it started but the interior lighting was dim...
Seem like i will have to disconnet the battery
When first turn on the radio, correct data appears then is replaced with the Check Antenna message. Dealer want $800 to troubleshoot issue. This began a week ago. HELP!
From the Acura Dealership & Independent service center.
replaced water pump and they found the bolt from the water pump broken in the engine block
This afternoon when I started my 2006 RL I received a "check starting system" error. The next time I stopped the vehicle and restarted, the autmoatic crank feature was no longer operative and I again received the "check starting system" error. I would appreciate comments on how to correct this problem.
How do you reset the maintenance minder
need new front brake pads
air conditioner is not blowing cold air. First it was erratic blowing warm air once in a while (the last 2 weeks) now just warm air. Also, when you press the auto button for the a/c the inside button vent lights up automatically. When I press that button the a/c light button goes off.
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