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Owners' Reviews

2005 Acura RL Reviews and Owner Comments

2005 Acura RL
3 Reviews
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Overall Score (3 reviews)
  • Body, Interior & Misc.
  • Engine
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust & Emissions
  • Drive Train
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Electrical & Lights
  • Suspension & Steering
2005 Acura RL Owner Reviews (3 reviews)
  • 2005 Acura RL
    , Chesapeake, VA, October 04, 2012 06:12
    I have owned several cars in the past...Geo Metro, Dodge Neon, Nissan Sentra, Toyota Camry and Infniti QX4. All were considerally lower priced than the RL and I have NEVER had as many issuses with interior or body as I have had with the RL.I went off of the Acura reputation and wouldn't have expected that this so-called luxury car would not compare to the durability of my lower priced vehicles. The console and armrest have bubbled and torn. Found some reasonably priced replacement covers, but it is virtually impossible to have it done without taking the entire center console out instead of just taking the lids off due to no visible screws. Also the chrome trim and front grill are disentegrating before my eyes. I used to love seeing the Acura body styles drive pass, but now that I own one my admiration has been greatly tainted.
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  • 2005 Acura RL
    , Worcester, MA, May 14, 2010 09:35
    60 ,000 miles - numerous electrical issues - master window controls have required numerouse "resets" - steering wheel lock ut issues - charging sysytem has reset x2 losing alll presets - preset driver settings not always recognized - just reoplaced both rear calipers -there is also a 02 RL in the family with 180K that has been flawless...should have stayed away from 1st new model year
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  • 2005 Acura RL
    , Palisades Park, NJ, May 06, 2010 12:44
    I would urge potential buyers to stay away from the 2005 RL. Despite my vehicle being accident free I have had numerous issues with the steering column. It is still making noise even after being replaced. I have had the floor board replaced, the center console has been replaced and the plug adaptor replaced twice and it still does not function like it did new. Approaching 50,000 miles and my vehicle is having the transmission replaced three weeks after having the oxygen sensor replaced. I also had two light bulbs go out that were also replaced under warranty. I had to have two rear rotors replaced (not under warranty).
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