2003 Acura RL Questions

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Engine starts after cranking multiple times and have to keep the engine running at 2000 rpm for a minute; otherwise it will stall. Somethings wrong with the evaporator system but which component is the most likely the culprit! Components:
Fuel tank - emits the fuel vapors to the
Charcoal canister - stores the vapors
Canister purge valve - allows the vapors to flow to the intake manifold

When you read internet comments there is all these components
Evaporator Two way valve, Bypass solenoid valve, canister vent shut valve, etc.

The light just started to come on and stay on within the last 50 miles of driving.
It started when I started the car. I have 56000 miles and everything seems fine
do I have to access the starter from under the car?
car dont want to start at times,i switch key and it starts other times i just keep turning the key off and on and it eventually starts. this has been going on for a few years.
Dealership has said (friend that is a single Widow) that by putting the car on the lift for a brake job, that the struts extend fully and can cause damage. And that they are not responsible for any such damage. Is there any "jigs" or other such tricks of the trade to get around this damage risk? Thanks in advance for the assistance.
I was driving 55 mph with the cruise control and it just started to slow down. I hit the accelerator and had no power. Pulled over, turned it off and it started fine. 10 minutes later, same deal on the road. Acura is baffled. Hasn't repeated and they don't know what to do.
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