2002 Acura RL Questions

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Car is running fine but VSA, vehicle stability assist system. I need to determine if it is worth to repair or replace the system
The plastic piece on the drivers side door handle cable broke and need to replace it, I need to know how to do this repair.
Inside door handle wont open, took door panel off looks like the plastic yellow piece on the cable is broke, how do you replace this
Recently had episodes where key turn did not start car without jiggling the ignition cylinder.
My 2002 Acura Rl will sometimes not crank shortly after I have tun
Turned it off. the engine turns over normally but will not start. It will
Start after a few minutes. Any ideas of the problem.
Thanks, Mike wilkinson. Car has 212,000 miles. Thanks, Mike

I try changing fuse but I don't know what the right one is I try looking at the panel but it doesn't say
i havent checked the fuses yet could that be the problem i already turned off the auto mode on it it still does nothing at all
Started doing this yesterday. Now have to disconnect battery to keep car from draining the battery. Not front headlights. Only the rear.
the car was working fine,then all of the sudden,it would not start, this is the we took the battery back to auto zone they replaced the battery, put the battery in the car, at first it seemed as if it was going to start but it didn't so we took the battery back the guy said that the battery went down 40% and that he couldn't do anything with the replacement battery so he charged it and gave it back to thats never started tried jumping it , no luck won't start.the car only has like 35,000 miles on it.

I checked the fuses and the interior light fuse was broken and when i changed it they both started working again after a couple of hours they went out again and when checking the fuses the interior was broken again. What cqn cause this to happen.
#1 seems as if vehicle won't shift into high gear
#2 SRS light stays on, and check engine light comes on occasionally
I have replaced struts/shocks all the way around with heavy duty ones. The rear wheel on the passenger side rubs in the wheel well if someone sits in the back seat behind the passenger. Could this be a broken rear stabilizer bar? A suspension issue? Please help.
Engine and Radiator changed and overheating still on...fuel consumption still high...occurs mostly when zoomed off or at a speed of 120 and's a 3.5l.
Vsa,srs,abs,ck engine,light,o2 bank 1 sensor 2 says bad,ft suspension is stiff,small square with triangle in center but engine runs perfect
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