2000 Acura RL Questions

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Where is the fuse box
Pulled out all fuses and theye are intact. The cigarette lighter and additional charging station in center console are not working and just not the key fob stopped locking my door and turning on the antitheft. The car does need a battery that I'm getting tomorrow but it has needed a battery and never had any of these issues..what could it be?
I checked all the fuses and came up negative...the screen will not pop up so I can put the code in
GPS System will say door is open.
Will ask me to make a U Turn going
down the freeway. How much to replace System or to repair.
where is the starter located, and is it easy to locate and changed?
whenever i put the keys in the ignition, the lights come on the dash, but when i turn the key, nothing happens, I don't get no kind of response from the motor
Had car 6 months and then this happened last Wednesday afternoon. Two guys pushed us out of traffic to side of road. What could be the problem, thanks for your response. This has happened 3 times.
a new battery only holds a charge in my car for 2 days everything is off
Not battery cuz everything is on just want turn . What is this
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