1997 Acura RL Questions

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blower blows hard if I start it before car starts to warm if I wait until car is beginning to warm it will not blow like it should.
selling the much to reduce the price for the repair?
The entire dash has gone black. The directional lights still work, and the "lights on" indicator light still works, but the gauges are not responsive. I have very little knowledge of car mechanics, but I've read through some of the owner's manual and checked all of the interior fuses and they're all in good working order. PLEASE HELP! Can't drive this car without a speedometer!!

ac not blower nothing
if I hit the brakes then my brake lights come on. if I turn on my hazard lights only the driver side flashes and if I use the blinkers still only the left one works.
This started after my friends ex-boyfriend replaced the passenger side back brake light.

I have checked all the fuses and cable connections
a im a mechanic as well would like some advice
While sitting still or while in park is when this issue is noticed most. There is a small amount of play in my steering wheel about 1.5" left and right before I feel the steering grab. It feels as if something has come loose or should be tightened. There are no noises in the pump, no leeks and I am using the Acura Steering Fluid
How much of the Acura Fluid to refill?
The ABS light comes on occasionally, also, during normal braking nearing a complete stop, the brake pedal will flutter with a very quick 1/2 of a second loss of braking along with a compressor activating. The braking then returns to normal before the vehicle totally stops.
Just want to report having the same problem with my Acura. Sometimes it takes 3 or more attempts to start it. And it seem to relate to the steering wheel. As when you turn it a certain way I can get it to start. Then there are days or weeks it will start on the first try. What gives? I was quoted of costing approx. $1000 to replace the ignition by an Acura dealer? I can't afford that!!!
The driver side, grill side bulb was working but the pass side was not, I got the replacement bulb for the pass side, replaced it now neither work. Is there a fuse?
car starts for about 3 sec. then stalls every time you try to start
i also found a rack at this junk yard for 100$
I went to Acura dealership and they gave me a drawing showing the relay was on the driver side under the dash, close to the fuse area? I can not find it.
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