1997 Acura RL Questions

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I checked fuse,fuse okay. A/c trinary switch was bad, changed a/c trinary switch, a/c came on for 2 seconds and turned off.
The sunroof works..None of the windows will work and the fuses are good... what else can I check..
Changed plugs ran fine the. Starts at act up again
going to buy new car?
Help please?
looking to buy do not want headaches
Buick Enclave
Toyota Highlander
Toyota 4 Runner
GMC Yukon Denali
Chevolet Tahoe
oil.360,000 miles what is wrong and can it be fixed?
Thank you
I think its my valves and seals.
360,000 miles on car?
po code po 118 related-rough idle when first started cold/fast idle at 1300-to 1500. passenger side cooling fan not coming on while left side fan is on,new thermostat and coolant flush and new fan sensor and new pcm sensor but not sure location of correct sensor involved
I recently had ignition switch replaced. Since then,my ac and heat work sporadically. They work fine when on but go on and off randomly. Radio does same thing. I have noticed the ABS light goes on when the ac/heat turns off. People who did ignition work say they can't find anything. I don't think they really looked
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