1996 Acura RL Questions

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Only the horn works,no other power?
Why want car start?
Sometimes when the ABS light goes off,
the buzzing stops, sometimes not.
This is the first time I've heard this
What could be causing this and is it dangerous to drive when the sound is on?
I just discovered on CAR FAX that recalls where issued in 1999 for all 1996-1998 Acura 3.5RL's with automatic transmissions!!
The recall follows right along with tranny issues we inherited AFTER owning it for only 6 Days!! Recall states that a bolt can drop out of Tranny and cause the entire unit to SEPARATE from the Differential with no warning!!! ALSO.... this can cause these same models of cars to surge forward unexpectedly WHILE IDLING and WITHOUT Being in GEAR AT ALL!! unless the Emergency break is on. this can happen at a Stoplight while you have foot on brake!!!!
happened on freeway,6 days after purchasing from private party. After towing home, have occasionally been able to engage Reverse than shifted to drive.We drove it 3/4 way around block, then coasted it home. We want to make sure #1: can a solenoid or a malfunction computer code have caused this.#2:could it just need a complete tranny flush and filter(change)#3: could it be a relay of some type?
there is oil on the spark plugs i was told that there are some orings that need to be replaced where are they and how do youi replace them
where is the oil drain plug and how do i change the oil in a 1996 acura rl 3.5 what kind of oil do i use
it sounds funny when trying to cranks but wont turn over
What is a single or double Din ?
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