1998 Acura NSX Questions

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I noticed that some rates where in my engine and it seems I not receiving any power from the driver side cylinders all three. The coils are okay. Car is using too much fuel and is only using three cylinders from the passanger's side. Also I have a random misfire from codes P 0300 and P 1399. How do I fix this? What electrical cables should I trace? Is there a code I can trace that supplies power to these three cylinders?
I just cleaned my EGR valve on an Acura 3.5RL. It was running rough and feels like its going to stall. Now I am told I have to run it at 55-60m/h for two trips. My question is how long is the trip should be? Also I am told I have to de-accelerate it during this trip whats is the catch. I noticed also first the idling was at 7r/min and now it dropped to 5r/min. When I accelerate high and I let go the acceleration sometime it stalls and it will start right up. The car vibrate very unusual. What could be the problem my check engine light is flashing? Please advise
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