Q: Acura mdx p0740 solenoid replacement on 2002 Acura MDX

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my check engine light came on so i went and checked it out and p0740 came up and my mechanic says its time for a solenoid replacement but i feel my engine running good...any idea of how much should he charge me to do that or if its important for me to do so?
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this code is for a lock up control solenoid in the transmission. if you have a health issue and you choose to
ignore your doctor's advise, it's your life. similar with your MDX. you could get a second opinion from a shop that
has lots of Acura experience or since you think it runs good, just drive it until it dies. at some point, everybody
needs to develop a relationship with whoever takes care of their car. do they trust him? is he honest? is he just trying to sell stuff or is he really looking out for my car? if you can't trust your guy, you need another shop.
if you just want to do things your way, good luck!