2009 Acura MDX Questions

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will not program
This message appears when attempting to use GPS system.
It has 95kmikes
Today was the first time I noticed that and it's been 3 hours and the fan is still on
I have recently started driving my company's car, but the nav unit doesn't work. The screen lights up and gets power, but the unit under the seat (bolted to the floor of all places) is corroded. This is obviously the source of the issue. My "stealership" is trying to charge me $4400 to fix it. Is this not their issue? They have said that they need to determine the source of the corrosion.... Uhmmm pretty sure bolting an electronic system to the floor is where the corrosion is coming from. Should they not have to pay for this?
my oil lite in on and beeping. My oil level is lower than in should be and I do not see a leak.
i bought a hitch and need to lower the muffler on one side to install the hitch. the bracket holding the muffler has a strange head on it. What type tool removed the nut on the bracket?
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