2007 Acura MDX Questions

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Abs lights are on brakes feel fine but lights are on
Since the check charging system light came on and when I step on the gas my car wouldn't go.
am having starter light display anytime i start my mdx 07, check starting system
I have to jump start or charge the battery after a day of sitting. It is a brand new battery
What would be some repairs that would come about? I'm looking to get at least 180000 out of the car, if that helps! Thanks!
I had the check engine oil level, engine light with transmission message and a reading that a door was open when is was shut tight all happen today within a few hours of each other. Any ideas what could be going on? The MDX has 130K and has been running great and still does run great.
Happens 1 X month despite drive daily.
I have an Acura MDX 2007 model year, with 31,500 miles.

Should I change timing belt now, based on the elapsed time 8 years since purchase new, even though mileage is low?
Check current draw with ignition off
Testing voltage draw with ignition off
I maintain my car well. The "check emission system" light has been on/off over past 3 months. Sometimes with a new tank of gas and a long trip, it clears out; sometimes not. Have never changed this part before. Is 150,000 miles a reasonable life expectancy for a catalytic converter?
Spoke to my guy at Acura he use HDS to bled brakes . He said modulator is bad because he can not get.air out of the system.m Ireally can not figure this out if this is a closed system if you open it should bled out right ? Or I have missed something
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