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Have MDX 2006. While driving, I hear a pitch noise from the dash around the steering wheel. When I take my foot off the gas the noise stops. As soon as I push the gas pedal the noise continues.The noise is similar or lesser pitch of air flow from the seal of the door or window, but that was checked and determined the noise was not coming from the seals. Another mechanic was suggesting the noise is from transmission. please help
Already had heads redone,coil replased, throttle body cleaned. I looked at egr. But can't determine if its still working. Get bad gas mileage have to keep foot on gas & break to keep it running. Any help would be appreciated.
My son's 2006 Acura MDX has been in shop for 5 weeks. Mechanic admits he can't fix it. Front cat converter replaced, and cam sensor replaced twice. Plugs replaced. Says vehicle runs, but is in "limbo," second gear. Thought it might be a timing issue. Any ideas? Don't want to keep wasting money with this mechanic.
Truck still idles rough. Check eng lite n VTM 4 lite still come on. Gas mileage is now horrible. Mechanic said he needed to reprogram computer, which he did and all these issues keep coming up. Now the truck stalls at idle, when cold. Once warm, no stall.
Where do I go from here?
Check engine lite turned off today.I am soooooo frustrated and am tired of spending money on a continuing issue.
Engine was replaced in July 2014 with 137,000 miles. Replaced engine has 89K. Shop owner cannot find source of why engine runs rough with new rear cat converter. Should I have it towed to an Acura dealer? Thanks for any kind of help. Need my car.
I seen a pre tow checklist for 2004/2005 and have read 2004-2006 have the same drive train so I believe the answer is yes. However, I've not seen any Acura/Honda literature to confirm this belief.
car has 121000 miles .
We just changed battery and now the screen wont show movie but we can hear it.
An automotive technician told me that on an AWD vehicle, you should replace all four tires, not just two at a time, as needed. Is this true?
I am not having any problems with my car at the moment.
is it safe to drive, i was told it could be a bad sensor
HI I am looking for a good mechanic in NJ around hacekensack. Can somebody suggest me any best shop for Acura MDX 2006 repair. Ramsey Acura has given me a higher price for 105000miles maintaince, where as when i cheked in repair pal, the price shown is half the price of showroom. Repair pal suggested some shops but no one has given any review for those shops. can someone suggest me a nice shop around 07621 and 07644
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