2005 Acura MDX Questions

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I tried to buy a Intermediate shaft for a Acura MDX . Rock auto is who I like to get parts from.Is there a specific store that i can get Acura parts from
i replaced the output speed sensor 3 days ago now when i drive it right around 25 mph i start hearing a noise sounds like a nail in my tire
clicking sound. when i found out the sensor was bad my code was Po722, since changing the sensor no more codes just a clicking sound. Any suggestions
i was told to get the output speed sensor , the bad one is on the top of the transaxle pull out replace with new,. easy right not can't even find the sensor on top of the transaxle . can t find a schematic or that now where in order to get one i was told you basically have to have someone will it to you. only the dealers have them and they wont even let me see it.. One place copied the page with the number but not the one that shows what the numbers are. I dont have the money to take it to a shop let alone the dealer. There has to be someone out here that has the schematic pgs i need. this is ridiculous/
we have ck'd the plugs and the coil moving them around the only time it ran rough was when we removing them, checked EGR Valve it was clean not sign of clogging or dirt. I dont know what to do next I'm on a fixed income and need someone to be fair. What else should i look for or where can i go to get it fixed for a fair price.
put on meter car was misfiring on 2 cylinders 2 & 4 took it to shop they drove it then put on there meter said all were misfiring (car never stalls only runs a bit rough first thing in am) said we need to replace the injectors $700 +. i want to know can the spark plugs be replace and some how blow out the injectors? because if they change only the injectors wont the plugs need to be changed also.? add that to the $700 and I become the next person to be forced into public transportation i am a single person a senior just barely but that is way out of my price range can someone give me some guidelines
Only when my headlights are on. Only when pressing brakes, the backup camera comes on on the screen and the blinker flicks on and off again. What could this be and is it common
Cannot find fuse in manual. Radio fuse good. what is the name of the fuse that I should be looking for. Manual isn't clear on fuse description. Thanks much.
i need the exhaust system from the catalytic converter back with both mufflers
Im asking this because I need to go get my car smog
It freezes alot also. How do I fix this?
it happens everytime when i drive it and it starts to do this after i drive a few kilometres
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