2002 Acura MDX Questions

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I can feel the air conditioner try to kick in because it changes the way the car motor runs. But there is nothing coming out of the vents when I adjust the temperature to cool or heat. So I’m thinking it might be the fan.
I am changing the bulbs to led bulbs.
And the break light on the dashboard is coming on.
what happens when i use regular gas instead of hi grade
This just happened yesterday
glass is not broken window is off the trach
I have changed the spark plugs, battery is good and I have tried both sets of keys. I have spark.
Car drives fine except that code comes on at 60mph. I took out this solenoid and clean debris where it was mounted. I also checked that the solenoid was working properly too. Should I get a new torque converter clutch solenoid or transmission. But at the same time the car drives good with no shifting problems except for that code keeps popping on. What should I do?
After the trans has already been replaced, will the issue reoccur? Are there specific parts that should be used to stop it from happening again?
I have a Acura MDX 2002. It act up a lot when I start the car and I have to let it warm up b4 I drive it other wise it will stall. Well now it's getting bad to where the vehicle only stays in when I accelerate and coming to stoops and turns my MDX will stall and all my light are on. Check engine and etc. so will this help if my vales replaced
my brakes stutter and sometimes doesn't want to brake .My abs and vtm-4 lights are now staying on,and sometimes my brake light comes on.It all started when someone simply opened my brake fluid cap a few days ago.
I went to several shops to get my transmission oil changed, they said the oil is too old and advised me to not change the oil, because this will cause the transmission to fail. "just wait till the transmission goes bad."

Please advise
Hi i drive my acura mdx 2003 i feel my 3rd gear slip but the Only code i have is P0420 and nothing
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