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I was backing up when i put it in drive shuts off
Just bought vehicle ... It leaks oil evidently , about 1 quart per week
I was just wondering if there was a way to start my car from under the hood
No codes were given, just the info that it is an internal problem in the system. After buying this vehicle from the dealer, and taking it in for all services for all these years I am so upset. I could use some advice. Thanks.
($480. for the F Stabilizer Bar Bushing') - is this something I need when replacing my front struts ($407.) for my acura mdx 2001 - pep boys also stated I need to replace 'stabilizer Bar End link" for $80, and "PB/MONROE Front Strut-Mate Mounting Kit" (for $36.99) and 2 x "Prosteer Control Arm Control Arm w/Ball Joint" for $424.) and "Drive Rite Serpentie Belt" x's 2 @ $30. + $33) - ALL THIS BECAUSE MY CAR SHAKES AND RUMBLES WHEN I GET UP TO 50 MPH??? TOTALING $1,400. ----- ALSO - my front hood and back door/hatch will not stay open - what does this mean? and approx. how much to fix? thank-you very much - haley
Our MDX is parked outside always. Ever since it became cold, our Check Engine light is on until we've been driving for 30 or so minutes. It also begins to shudder when you exceed 20 mph. I also noticed today that the VTM-4 light comes on as well. We thought it was our transmission and just took it to a dealer to have that system flushed. They did a diagnostic and said everything looked good. We are at a loss as to what the problem is... Help!
It happened when I plugged in my trailer's electrical plug
Need to know what year mdx navigation screen compatible with 2001 acura mdx
I have checked the transmission fluid it was fine. My car starts fine. while I am driving I will stop at a light or at an intersection and it doesn't want to go when the light is green or when it's my turn. It just whines when I give it gas. It just started yesterday. I put it in the park position and back in drive and it will go but not all the time. I have to seat and keeping giving it gas. I plan on taking it to get fixed could you tell me what possibly could be wrong?
After driving car for 5-10 min car would chock (most of time), RPM drop 2000 and speed 20-25 Miles/hr. No trany slippage. gas pedal feel stiff (resistance)
codes: P0132, P0172 and had once P0705 + VTM-4 light on

Changed Catalytic Converter + O sensor
Car would rev perfectly well in Park/Neutral
driving up a snow covered hill here in switzerland the vtm-4 light came on and switched off the 4wd which caused the car to slide out of control! is this normal?my Honda Garage here in switzerland dosant have the Software on his control Computer for acura mdx as the car is not sold here.
what do you recomend......?
thanks Jeff.
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