1993 Acura Legend Questions

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Turns over will not start
After getting off the highway. My 93 acura legend stopped like someone pressed hard on the breaks. It starts back up but once I put it in drive it revs up but isn't moving. Could it be the transmission.
My car only does this when the car is idling. It does tho off and on occasionally, but my car rides with son ideas?? I am getting new engine or need to change valve gasket cover. I only have 114,000 miles on car.
I have a 93 acura legend 3.2..... and I just had the radiator replaced..... then I got a leak.... could it be the water pump...?
Is it going to break down to where it's not useable
had the flywheel resurfaced by Acura Ventura - to save me some $. Those guys were gr8 to me BTW. I now can't afford to take to Acura - and had one mechanic drive it parking lot sure the entire clutch needed to be replaced for 1200 and change. Then I got a flyer from specialists saying the could "examine it" for $253. Not sure what to do; unless 2nd Co. will include price of inspection in total. Thoughts? I'd love some advice. I've already got a burning smell I'm concerned is head gasket, contributing to the problem. Thank You!
Just started this morning
The engine is not getting enough fuel to keep it running.
my car stalls when stopped and when i break it feels like the is air somewhere almost like when the air is not bled from your break line. i change the alternator but it still does it. what can this be.
Brought my car in for an AC repair. Told mechanic car had AC last summer no problems.

Mechanic quoted $150 for a recharge. Mechanic called to say they found a leak $75 more. I said OK.

My bill had
Parts total = $140
ac freon =3x$20 =$60
dye =1x$20 =$20
ac freon 2d time =3x$20=$60

Labor total = $150
Find Leak = $75
Repair Leak = $75
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