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After running for a while and turning off the ignition there is a ticking sound coming from the rear of the car, like the fuel pump is still running. This continues until the battery goes dead. It would appear to be a relay problem but I need to get to the "fuel pump/main" relay to replace it.
Started with occasional no-start, went to no-start at all. Replaced main relay. Turn key on, hear and feel fuel pump cycle, but do not see any fuel being delivered. Can a fuel pump fail that way?
Front brake were smoking specially the front right one. Brake pedal wash mushy and I was loosing brake power. I parked the car and the brakes seemed locked I had to really hit the gas to try to reverse or forward. I got the car home and this morning I drove the car around and it drove just fine. I have no real idea of what it might be please help thanks
I have a new battery, 262,000 mi on car, and the timing belt isn't due to be changed till 281,000.
It has to be the original 2 piece !!1985-1990
currently has 92000 miles.
Cooling fan was burning I was told. They disconnected it and the battery is still draining. Interior lights and cigarette lighters not working. What could be causing this.
I was drii and it just stoped it has water and oil but wont start or shift out of park
just trying to see what all needs to be done
1988 acura legend Coupe, The tachometer stopped working, motor has hesitation, and stalls when I put the car in reverse a couple times and started back up after 15 minutes, check engine light comes on after 10 minutes of driving, I cleaned out the terminals on the shift position console switch which since the dashboard display doesn't show what gear its in and the car appears to be always taking off from 2nd gear on, when gear is put in drive or S3 no difference, when I start the car the computer under passenger seat and footboard both flash light once
the battery and alternator seem OK, but the engine wont catch. This only happens when it is over 80 degrees. Could this be a fuse or a relay?
Battery dies repeatedly because the cooling fan is coming on at night and draining the battery
The problem has been there for a bout 2 months now. It just keeps blinking and it makes the engine sound like it has asthma.
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