2000 Acura Integra Questions

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My 2000 integra has
absolutely no spark coming out of the distributor i have replaced the ignition coil,the distributor cap, wires and plugs, the main relay is also working is there no spark from coil to plugs
The diagnostic code reads p11607
Speedometer/Odometer stopped working ... thought it might be the speedometer cable ... was told that this car didn't have a cable, it used a VSS switch ... OK, so I'm trying to get a feel for how much $$$ (approx.) this repair shoud cost me ...
Turn on but no start.
So I have a 2000 integra ls and for sum reason my power locks and windows won't do anything. I have replaced the fuses in the engine bay and under the dash on the driver side but nothing has changed... it don't sound like any power is going to the windows or the locks.
So I have a 2000 acura integra Ls 2.0 dohc and every time I start the car the engine makes a weird rattling sound. The sound don't affect the driving but it is really loud inside the car.
gears starting to grind when going to fifth heads gift gets warm too my husband blames me for stalling no way I'm believing that it's not the driver
Before the light stayed on constant, several times ABS vibrated very loudly. With brake applied and without. That vibration has stopped, but light on constantly. Can you direct me to problem? Thank you.
B18c1 engine
Took it in to a mechanic and they couldn't pinpoint the problem.

Both oxygen sensors ok
fuel pressure ok
MAP ok
Fuel filter replaced
No vacuum leaks found with carb spray
Valve clearances to spec

Last time with a previous integra i had code P0172 and it turned out to be the injectors. Yet I only found that out by replacing them.

With this integra I can hear them all clicking and they read around 12ohms, I hope its not injectors again.
the brake lights are on
The vehicle makes a loud rumbling noise when driven. the first time it happened the car had been driven a distance of a mile prior to the noise starting.
It doesn't matter how fast or slow I'm driving, the steering wheel vibrates while the tires are straight. It only stops when I turn slightly to the left or right. Been doing it for a while.
Now just yesterday, the wheels are starting to feel wobbly.

I had my car engine swapped 5-6 years ago and it's running fine, except when it's not. just had the oil changed and noticed some leaks. Been keeping an eye on the level for a week and seems to retain adequate oil. Will replacing gaskets help this? The mechanic also pointed out that the sticky black residue on the side of my engine was probably the oil that had seeped out.



Anyheads up on a fair and skilled mechanic would be great. I'm new to this area.
this first happened after a 200 mile trip , and is noticeable now on short trips
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