1996 Acura Integra Questions

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I had to change it because the old one cracked from the drain screw. I plugged everything back in correctly.
Drives fine then shut off and SOMETIMES IT will not shift right
Have 268K+ miles on this car, bought new, almost 20yrs old. Told it needs new front suspension, engine block mounts, new front brakes, plus some small basic maintenance. At this point, have I driven her into the ground? Quoted about $4600/$4800 for repair and they are working with me for that price.
also my tach and speedo don't work . when driving with scanner hooked up speed don't register on scsaner and the tach does map sensor stay at 52.00 driving or not and weather car is running or not . please help my car wont pass inspection.
Unable to restart; new battery one month old.
my car is a manual 5speed with 215k miles. Recently my car has a difficult time accelerating. From 1st gear the RPM will go up but car doesn't want to speed up. I literally have to keep downshifting and gasing in order for the car to go. I've had the RPM at 5000 at some point at 45mph. Is it my clutch or something else? Help?!
Ok I've been told that I would have take off all the suspension and short shaft to get it out I was looking at it and it looks like if I take off sway bar and disconnect the exhaust I could pull it right out can I
My 1996 Acura integra driver door will not open. It cannot be unlocked with my key, from inside the car or by removing the interior handle/lock cover and trying to manipulate it. It's a manual lock in the handle. The door is closed so I cannot take off the door panel.I can get in the car by opening the passenger door and climbing into the drivers seat.
I have changed the distributor, new coil.I've changed the ECU and main relay fuses still the same thing I have put the distributor ,new coil ,ecu ,on a friend Integra and it starts right up I have change the wiring harness what else can it be
car run fine the day before. next morning would not start.
new starter n fuel pump new head n new plugs n wire n battery crank sensor timing is right
something to do with the security system?
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