1994 Acura Integra Questions

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About to get on interstate when transmission didnt want to shift, car then lost all power and shut off. Would not restart. Had to be towed. Pool of antifreeze under car within minutes. Help! Friends car and she is freaking out.
There is not much room to place the new wheel stud, seems like you need a special tool to remove the hub that holds the studs in place.
Popping out of gear and hard to find gearing while shifting. Today car shut off at advance auto and when clutch is pressed in car will start and run, when clutch is released car shuts off. In neutral or while in gear. It will go into gear when car is off. Is the clutch bad? or could it just be a throw out bearing?
I noticed my coolant disapering I just changed water pump and saw no visable sings my oil was burning quick too it doesn't smoke I do have oil that smell like gas in my coolant overflow no oil in water the other day it started running really rough when u first start it and when u first drive it u can hear small popping from exshaust after a couple blocks it runs fine when u stop its miss firing like it needs a simple tune up idle goes up and down the rpm runs very high and takes forever to shift itself I noticed yesterday as I was warming her up an oil ring on floor under rear tail pipe what's wrong? How long does my baby have
When I have it gas then died
If its hot out, a lot of times it wont start. The car will crank but not fire. It runs well at night. If it does start occasionally it will stall out between 1st, and 2nd gears. I was wondering if it may be a starter solenoid, or maybe the fuel pump relay. Any advise would be helpful. I would like to know if this a cheap fix, or not. Thanks
It is locked & electric door doesn't work. Any way I can fix it? I heard a piece inside break off so now I have to crawl in thru the passenger side. Anybody know if I can get the door off & fix it. I don't know too much abt it & can't afford to take it in the shop. Any detailed help would be appreciated. Thanks
The shift also is locked and wont let me change it to drive or anything unless i use the key
I pulled out the spark plugs while the engine was on and all seemed to be electrically okay because the engine died down after i pulled them out. though after i cleaned up the plug tubes and started her up again the oil came right back.
people say it depends on the motor
Like a dumbass I disconnectwed my battery without plugging in a supplimental power source thru the cigarette lighter and I lost my radio sttings. I consider my self lucky just to have lost that setting...what do I need to do to fix this???
i have an 94 acura integra when it is in park the drive4 indicator light keeps flashing it also will do it driving down the road.....when it does this the car will not start back up while the light is flashing.
car began to overheat. Hissing sound and then steam; coolant leaking out from over top of engine area and running down onto ground
Cost to repair break lines. Junk or Sell. Car has been sitting for sometime. All break lines need to be replaced. Otherwise car in great shape and clean. Runs fine. Minor rust on rear one wheel well. Has 165,000 miles. 4door, sedan, power package and antenna, has add on's: (brake light fin, new battery, rear brake caliber, hood latch, removeable face radio/CD player).
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