1992 Acura Integra Questions

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It has problems starting sometimes (gas needs to be pumped) but overall works well. The paint is really faded and it has over 150,000 miles.
I generally do it once every other year. Has over 150,000 miles
Have had issues with radiator in past, nothing else.
Gone threw 4 distributors,no noise just no fire.Now replacing a a/c fan motor and removed carpet and rubber liner and can not tilt motor and cage nearly enough to pull it down at a angle that does not hit the metal foot rest after all materiel has been moved.No room from bottom of motor befor it hits foot tray leaving no chance to tilt it to get it out.Thanks for any help
No hesitation for days. Started this AM-after 3 blocks went into heavy hesitation. Then big clunk. Died. I started and creeped about a block in 1st gear. loud clunking, hesitation, black smoke. Able to park then it died.
It was during the start of a Smog Test that the testing machine showed my car's engine intermittently varying RPM's up & down. This caused the test to be cancelled until I repair it.
1.8L Automatic Trans '92 Acura Integra GS W/168K miles. Tune-up within last 30K miles. Passed prior smog in 2012 at the same shop. Very limited budget, no code check devices, disabled, want to try and repair what I can. Do not hear any vacuum leaks and checked connections. Considering new plugs, air filters first as I have those on hand. If it makes any difference, car has a worn trans shift lever assembly and bad A/C-heater fan but I do have the OEM replacements. I would appreciate any potential diagnoses and repair suggestions.
Driving, in gear, the car suddenly popped out of gear. I couldnt get it into any gear after that. When I shift the shifter, it feels like its going into gear, but its not. Tried shutting car off etc to put it into gear. Nothing works to get it into gear. A problem with the clutch assemblyor the clutch itself wouldnt prevent it from going into gear when its shut down, would it? It makes no senseto me. The fork that goes inside the trans is in place and it feels like its going thru the gears wheni shift with shifter. But, its not!! I dont know where to start or what to do! I dont want to replace a bunch of parts without being sure of what the prodlem is. Any ideas?!!
start one time and then shout down by itself and never start again.
Hey all, whenever I try to put my car in reverse, it always makes a loud screeching sound. It does not let my car reverse either.
i have a acura intergra 1992 will the full pump of a hunda civc work on my acura plssssss help
where is the main fuel pump realay
We smell a bad smell and a routine flush did not fix the shifting pro\blems my daughters car is having
I just bought a 1992 Integra RS with B18C Motor swap. I am having a hard time shifting into 4th, and reverse is sometimes tricky. I'll go to shift into 4th and most of the time it just won't let me. Sometimes it will go though, but I am constantly having to angle it just right. Reverse only gets sketchy every now and then. All other gears are fine. It usually grinds when I try to shift in to 4th and reverse. Grinds a little on 3rd too, but still shifts into it. My friend said its probably just my linkage. What do you think?
how long will it take to replace all motor mounts?
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