1990 Acura Integra Questions

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My 1990 Acura will not stay starting when it dose it stay just for one min and go die out what should Do?
My godfather is trying to fix my 1990 Acura. He said that it wanted to start, but the fuel is get blocked some were and he dose not know it is get blocked,but he take one of the lines off fuel goes thought it star,but then put it back on it dose not start he dose not know what too do leave it off or get a new one or what can you please help. Thank you Dolores.
Replaced tranny seals & rear main seal
Starts up leaks what apears to be around presure valve(bad,squrits out)

Start car in the morning and can't get into another gear. Turn ignition off ~ restart and it goes into gear. My mechanic wants me to pick up clutch pack kit. A very expensive repair. Is this the proper diagnosis?
drove it home. it needed a new battery so i got a new battery. put it in now every time i hook up the negative terminal, it blows the fusible link. i have even tried a larger fusible up to 80. blows it out to. it calls for a 50.
i did a test with a jumper, meter came up to 12 volts. but still won't start. hooked the negative cable & it blows out again. battery tester between ground & battery cable is 10 volts.
could there be a short? and where could it possibly be?
thanks for any help
First my oil light was blinking then turn to a solid red light.and a few
Miles later on the freeway going 60mph my time belt went out and snapped.
I got it towed home then took the head and replaced it because the head surface
Was strapped. Then put a new head and connect everything back. The oil light is still coming on? And check engine light. Help please
Had the no spark, no fuel issue. Changed the distributor and fuel pump. I have spark now and fuel to the rail. Injectors seem to be not working now, could the fuel relay be the culprit and if so is there a way i can bypass it just to make sure it runs? Check engine light stays on cause my fuel relay is bad, i ordered a fuel relay cause mine doesnt click as it should. Please help
The squealing sound is load and clear in upper corner on driver side
Starts skiping or maybe jerking..its not the transmission bc the skiping/jerking is fast and very spuratic.what could this be?
need to be replaced how hard is it
alt. replaced battery replaced check engine lite was on before replacing but that went out! car starts and runs fine drove 20mi.
five speed transmission
manufacturer number: 30100PR4A03
When turning fan control on the engine fan does turn on an off when control turned to off position.
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