Acura extended automatic transmission warranty on Acura RL

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Acura extended the warranty due to numerous issues with the automatic transmission. Problems with the automatic transmission may make the car undrivable and can result in costly repairs.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 131,828 (96,009–205,000)
7 model years affected: 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003, more2004, 2005, 2006
23 people reported this problem
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When accelerating, I heard a clunk. After the clunk, I heard loud clanking and spinning/whirring noise. I could not accelerate, coasted to a stop. When bringing to the repair shop, they said it was the differential, and possibly the transmission. When the shop attempted to remove the differential from the transmission, they said the tool used to remove it broke off in the differential. They were unable to get the shaft of the differential out of the transmission and could not get the transmission out. It is now in the shop. My car is in great cosmetic and mechanical condition with the exception of this issue. The shop also has a small car sales business and they are offering to basically drop the $500 of labor fees accrued and keep my car. I am not real happy with this offer. Even if they use it for a parts car because it's too costly to fix, I'm sure they would get far more for the parts than $500. Maybe I'm just sad that this unexpected issue had to happen, but my car is still very pretty and hard to swallow this.

I noticed about a year ago that the car had a slight jump in shifting at slow speeds. I asked the dealership and two other repair shops to look into it because I wanted to prevent a problem. All said they could not duplicate the issue, but it continued to persist. Eventually this happened. I can not say for sure that it is related, but my suspicions are yes.
Has anyone had any issues of not being able to remove the differential from transmission? What did you do?
I have a check emission system light that is constant, but check transmission light also came on earlier.
Trans mission starts vibrating in low rpm's especially notice at 40-50 mph when it shifts into 5th. The gear shifting is smooth but only at low rpms it kills to drive. Lots of vibrating and shuddering. Between 50-60 mph only vibration occurs then back to normal
BANG! Whirr! No traction in any gear. Mechanic said it was the Trans. Odd, I service my car to factory spec and drained and flushed with 12 qts of Honda trans fluid 15,000 miles ago
2002 Acura Rl 3.5 V6. Very busy intersection. Almost got rear ended twice. Light turned green pressed the gas and felt something disengage underneath my feet then a fast spinning shaft spinning and vibrating against what sounded like the inside of the differential case. Does acura cover this under their extended warranty !
shuddering and twitching of tachometer at speed of about 40 to 45 miles per hour as car was shifting into final gear. Also noticed the same groaning at speeds of around 30. Dealer believes it might be the torque converter. Yikes! Waiting to hear from dealer to confirm that is the problem and what the cost might be.