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So I have 2001 Acura CL 3.2

2 weeks ago was changed all ignition coils - bc was missfire
Yesterday I changed starter - bc car doesn't start, when I turn the key starter made some noise even if I remove key from the ignition. So I changed it.

After starter change car still not starting. I turn the key and my dashboard full of lights, and fuel pump suck non-stop (can hear it well) until I remove the key from ignition.
No clicks, no other sound. Radio, light still works. Battery also good.

Any tips what a hell with my car?
looking for fuel pump relay or pgm fi main relay
The steering wheel is in different angles to go straight. Not in accident. what happened
green key light does not show.
D5 gear blinks when I'm driving.
This occurs when I am driving the car. Turning the care when driving forward or backing up, this is the only time I hear the grinding noise.
Out all the transmission oil leak out and the car would not come out of park
Out the shifter move but will not come out of park
I changed the ignition switch and still have the same problem
it feels like I'm coming it's coming from the front end and I can't have done everything I can troubleshoot it and I don't know what to do give me an answer please
I have a problem with the power steering in my 2001 Acura CL Type S. The steering seems to be unusually stiff, I have found leaks from the power steering reservoir. I have changed the power steering pump also but it did not get any better. When the tires are in ideal condition there is no problem, but when i steer left or right, there is a noise coming from the steering pump. The oil level becomes zero after i drive for around 3-4 miles. Is it a problem with the hoses and their connections?? Is there a clog in the system?? or has my rack and pinion system broken down?? How do i know when the rack and pinion system is broken down and needs to be replaced as i dont find any sort of leaks near the rack and pinion. Most of the oil leaks right underneath the steering pump onto the ground!!
How would anyone know it was leaking?
Intermittent starting problem in hot weather
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