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I keep getting error code in my radio/ CD player once car battery was changed.
1997 Acura Cl 3.0
Had the clutches replaced new torque converter
now the following
first gear good
second gear goes in with a kick
third and fourth are good
Then after driving for a few minutes and its warm/hot
car goes in neutral, wont go forward, but it does go on reverse, i shut it off and it goes forward again till u stop then wont go forward again.... HELP!!!!

Whats is my problem??
External sensor?
Valve body?
I tried using a scan tool and I have no display of Oxogen sendor bank 2. My interest is looking at the fuel trim for bank2., I have a 1997 acura cl 3.0 its the v-6 engine. I need to see if there is a lead wire coming from it and where it connects to the second oxogen sensor.
in the number 4 drive position, feels like its slipping. what could the problem be.
I am doing an oil change in my car, changing all of the fluids and filters. This is my first time doing this on my Acura. I was able to change the oil and filter. Now I am un able to locate the transmission filter so that I can replace it. How do I locate and replace the transmission oil filter?
Now the shifter won't go out of park until the key is put in the reset sifter slot. And, the brake lights won't come on.
I see many hoses and canister(s) but I can't see the incoming fuel line or where it goes, like into the injector body.
At first, maybe about a year and a half ago, my car would start and then immediately turn off, almost as if a security measure. As it did this, on an infrequent basis, I would notice that this would happen when the gas tank was under 1/4 tank of gas and if I put fuel in the gas tank, the problem seemed to disappear until the gas level became below 1/4 level. Then about 2-3 weeks ago it wouldn't start at all. When you turn the key, it sounds like it's trying to start, but sounds like the process isn't completing, only like half of the process is being allowed to happen (like something's not catching).
The car starts up good n runs when cold but once the car warms up it
When you put it in gear. Once it stalls got to wait a few minutes to restart cuz if i try to start right away it wont start wait about 5mins n it start up fine
My Acura has been sitting for 15 months and I replaced the battery with a new one. Before I tow it to a garage is there anything I can try at home to get it going?
Some times it runs okay for days then dies and won't start intell the next day. Some times it runs.5 or 10 minutes then dies. The next day or after it compleatly cools of it will start and run for a while. I have taken it to three differant shops and thay can't find the problem. Can you help?
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