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Q: actually this is a 1988 Olds Delta 88 on 1990 Oldsmobile 88

Wonderful car, beginning to jerk to the left when changing gears - the faster you are going the worse the jerk. This began right after getting new tires. when we took it to be aligned, they said we needed new brakes, so we had new brakes installed ALTHO the repair shop said we had better than 30% left on the brakes - took it back for the alignment, it continues to jerk to left when changing gears. I don't think it is the alignment but I wonder IF it is the transmission. If I let up on the gas at the time it will change gears, it does not jerk however, when driving on an uneven road, if the road has a hump in the middle (intersection) the car will jerk to the left when the left side goes over the hump - could it be the transmission when it also does this? Or could there be something wrong with the suspension system?
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The bushing on the lower control arm is most likely source and new tires will make worse also with wheel off ground you would see a lot of lateral movement when shook.
It could be either of those things, though it's more likely to be the transmission than anything. Have you every had work done on the transmission? I'm sure it has a lot of miles on it.

One recommendation I would make is to go to a transmission specialist and have them ride in the car with you and show them what you are experiencing.
My first car was actually an '87 Olds 88, which was a great car until we took it to Colorado and the salt ate it alive.

A suspension problem could explain the noise, but not the surging. I would expect you to need to replace some of those components as the car gets older and older. Good luck!
When turning or on a rough road, the left side sounds like it is hitting metal to metal - guess that is why I was wondering if it could be something besides the transmission.

Does the transmission have linkage in it, and could it be loose? You are right to say it has a few miles on it - we have topped 405,000 and it still runs like a top and looks and rides wonderful - it is shame that Olds stopped making cars - this is testamony of a GOOD car! No one can believe the milage, same motor - same everything -

Thanks for your advice, I will look for a reputable repair shop - and await any further advice from you -we haven't needed any kind of major repairs, just tune ups every 5 years or so...
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