Mercedes-Benz SL500 Problems

Active Body Control System Can Leak Hydraulic Fluid on Mercedes-Benz SL500

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The active body control system can leak fluid from numerous areas, including the tandem pump, hydraulic lines, struts, and/or seals. If it is not repaired, the vehicle ride height could drop too low and cause damage to the undercarriage.

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Mercedes-Benz SL500 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 80,478 (2,000–170,000)
10 model years affected: 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, more2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
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ABC LIGHT COMES ON, drove for a day and now fluid has leaked from somewhere and height of car not drivable
Major oil blow-out, all at once !!
$2750 repair???? Not happy.
This follows both catalytic converters going bad.
$1500 repair??? Not a happy camper.
back pressure to the reservoir container causing it to spread out through the dipstick sl500 mercdes 65,500 mi
I only drive the car on the weekends and the white "ABC - Visit Workshop" light came on and then as I was drive another red light came on that ABC - Please drive carefully." When I arrived home, my Wife informed there was a descent amount of fluid on the garage floor where my car was. I pulled the car back out of the garage and there was definitely fluid.
I replaced the tandem pump and the car was fine, for about two days! Now, the "ABC warning" light comes on in red, saying "car too low". the suspension will raise one side of the car, and lower the other. Or, sometimes, the car will run just fine. Can anyone PLEASE give me some guidance on how to fix this?
I have had this issue twice now! First time was around 75-80K in Washington state and now it has 96K miles and I live in AZ and it happened again. ABS light on, car to low to drive and one day I pulled into garage and fluid was all over the floor! So if i engage the ABS or sport suspension it drops to low and one side lower sits sideways if i turn it off the car goes back up pretty level but I am afraid to drive it and have it drop as I have seen happen online and ruin undercarriage.

RECALL; Mercedes needs to find a permanent fix for all years and temps across country because the dealers are raking owners over the coals in fees for repairs knowing we have no choice to fix it so you can drive it at all.
Strut went out, actuators bad, two reservoirs have gone out. This car is a piece of crap. I spent almost $7000.00 on two suspension repairs.
The car would be low when I would get into it after sitting for a few hours, but would rise up upon adjusting the height. Finally, it wouldn't rise to an operating level any longer.
My car is left for 2 or 3 weeks quite often and drops at the front nearside corner. First time it happened my dealer charged my $1,000 to flush the system and recharge with hydraulic fluid, but it still happens every time I leave it. It helps if I leave the battery on a trickle charge when I leave the car. When I move the car again then it rises up and after a minute or two the error message disappears and it rides normally.
I fixed the car for the same problem a few years ago the cost was $14,000 but after disputing this matter they discounted it to $8300
now the ABC light is on again and the car dropped
This is the third time that we have had this problem with our S500. It is costly and you cannot drive the car until it is repaired.