Q: ac/heat and windows all stopped working at the same time on 2003 Dodge Intrepid

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For the ac/heat there is a digital bar on the dash where i can turn the temperature up and down. my windows got to where they wouldnt roll up or down sometimes they would sometimes they wouldnt, but at the same time when trying to roll the window down the lights on the dash for the ac/heat would go completely out and the ac/heat wouldnt work. that lasted about a week until the ac/heat and windows stopped working, very rarely i will see the temperature lights flicker in and out but i cant do anything. at the same time that the windows and ac/heat started messing up the air bag light will come on for about 5 mins. then turn off not sure if it was the computer going or gone out. could it be a wire shortage within the dash. Or could it be something else!!! please someone help its summer and me and my little girl heat to death because when im driving the fan turns blowing the heat from the motor into the car
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