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Q: Accelerator cable disconnected on 2008 Ford Escape

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I was leaving from work and the accelerator pedal went to the floor. The ccable is no longer connected to the top end of the pedal arm. Is this a common Ford Escape problem?? It's under warranty, but if this is a safety concern, I wonder if I need a different car. It only has 27,000 miles
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I checked the Ford Technical Service Bulletins and didn't see anything related to your complaint, but I would take it to the dealer and get it repaired under warranty. Ask them if they have seen this before, they may have info that I cannot access.
Good Luck and let us know what they find out
This has happened to my 2008 Ford Escape FOUR TIMES in the two years I've owned the vehicle. Fortunately it happened all four times when the vehicle was not in motion, but it seems to be a perpetual problem. I'm seriously considering turning the vehicle in and purchasing from another manufacturer.
My 2008 Ford Escape XLS (manual transmission) just did this too! I pulled into a parking lot today, set the parking brake, put the transmisson in first gear, turned off the engine and got out, as I normally would. When I returned to my Escape, the gas pedal was all the way to the floor. I didn't even start it, because I noticed the gas pedal was not in the normal position. I looked up under the dash, and the accelerator cable has come unhooked from the pedal linkage. Fortunately I was parked, and I was able to put the cable back into the linkage. The only thing holding it to the linkage seems to be gravity. This condition is VERY concerning, especially if the cable disconnects while I am trying to take off on a hill with my manual transmission, causing me to roll back into the car behind me! Now I am worried this will end up being a safety issue.
Happened to me on the same model. Secured the cable to the accelerator with a cable tie. It is secure now. I think there must have been some type of clip on it that is missing. Will check with dealer, but for now it is secure and the motion is normal.
I found that there is a Technical Service Bulletin for this issue. The TSB number is TSB-09-21-9. The NHTSA item number is 10033726. The service bulletin says a service kit is available to fix this problem with cable to pedal connection. I called the dealer and they provided me with the Ford part number for the kit. Part number is 8L8Z9825A. My cost for the kit is $6.30. I will buy it and try to install it myself. Hopefully it is not too difficult. My local Ford dealer (where I purchased this Escape new) told me it was not considered warranty. I have just over 60K miles on my 2008 Escape.
I installed the $6.30 repair kit in just a few minutes, since Ford dealer said it was not considered warranty. It seems to keep the throttle cable from coming out of the accelerator pedal linkage. I made a video of it on you tube, so you don't have to pay the Ford service department to do it for you. The clip slides over top of the linkage to close the slot. Its not too hard to install, other than you have to lie on your back on the floorboard to do it.
I saw your video on youtube and it was a great help. Here is a link to it . Thanks.
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