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Q: acceleration on 1999 Toyota 4Runner

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had a tune up, flushed the fuel line, lube done, started losing power going up hill, what can it be?
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If a tune up was just done and this problem just occurred after the tune up I would go back to the repair show that did the work and get them to make sure they didn't inadvertently knock off a vacuum line or sensor connector.
If the tune up was done to address this problem in the first case, and the problem is not a slipping clutch or transmission issue, I would verify the Check Engine light is not on during a rad test. If it is on I would retrieve stored trouble codes and follow the indicated trouble shooting path for the item the trouble code was stored. If no Check Engine light was on I would still plug in a scan tool to the diagnostic socket under the dash and monitor engine sensor data to see how much air the computer thinks is going into the engine (some Toyota/Lexus products had air flow meters that got dirty and caused a lag on acceleration, poorer fuel economy). I would also perhaps check fuel pressure and delivery if on a road test I felt that needed to be verified.
Can be a bit pricy but you might want to have the teeth in the rear chunk checked. You won't notice a loss of torq untill the motor is under a load.
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