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  • Adam Kalb, Owner
  • Established 2004
  • 5 Auto Repair Mechanics on Staff
  • 5 ASE Certified Auto Technicians
  • 124 Years of Car Repair Experience

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71 Verified Reviews
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by September 22, 2012

Excellent service, very nice people, and they do not push any other service on you.

by September 21, 2012

The customer service was fantastic and my car was ready on time.

by - Verified Customer September 21, 2012

Their service is good.

by - Verified Customer September 21, 2012

I would not recommend them to anyone, I would not go back there. If I had a chance to tell anybody to stay away from them, I would!

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by - Verified Customer September 20, 2012

Repairs are costly and being without my car is something I hate. ACA was most helpful in minimizing all the discomfort associated with auto repair. Their courteous service and fairness in which I was treated was a welcome change from previous experiences. Thank you ACA Automotive.

by - Verified Customer September 19, 2012

The cost of my service in my opinion was overpriced. When you can look in the penny saver and see the price offered, that should be the price charged. As a repeat customer having to ask for the preferred cost should not be necessary. I always feel like I am being ripped off after any service at this repair shop.

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by - Verified Customer September 19, 2012

Always personable and high quality service. Thank you!

by - Verified Customer September 19, 2012

It's just a good place, a friendly atmosphere and they help. If you need a ride home they will give you a ride home, if something goes wrong they will give you a courtesy call and let you know.

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by September 18, 2012

I highly recommend ACA Automotive.

by - Verified Customer September 18, 2012

They were just great. they did it in a timely fashion. I've taken several cars over their and it is always quick, efficient.

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by - Verified Customer September 18, 2012

It was just excellent, excellent service.

by - Verified Customer September 17, 2012

Honest repair shop!

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by - Verified Customer September 15, 2012

ACA is the best place around. Honest, hard working employees - always with a smile on their face. I can't recommend them enough!

by September 15, 2012

My car kept overheating they couldn't figure out what was wrong, they sent me back 4 times. Service techs are clueless. I had brakes done they still are squealing, they say they is nothing wrong with them.

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by - Verified Customer September 15, 2012

Ask for Victor, the service advisor, he's a professional, the best!

by - Verified Customer September 15, 2012

I think their works good and they get done on time, sometimes their works expensive.

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by - Verified Customer September 13, 2012

Wonderful staff to work with.

by - Verified Customer September 13, 2012

knowledgable and helpful reps

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by - Verified Customer September 10, 2012

done sooner!

by - Verified Customer September 10, 2012

not just satisfaction with the car repairs, but very important to me is the treatment given by all Assoc. Recommend ACA highly~~~~~~~~

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by - Verified Customer September 08, 2012

Did not tell truth about repairs. They changed the story from phone call to inform when car was ready and picking up call. Staff extremely unprofessional. Be very cautious about using this shop!

by - Verified Customer September 07, 2012

Robert, who always helps us, goes out of his way to make sure we are taken care, love him :) But all the guys are really awesome...

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by - Verified Customer September 07, 2012

Happy about the repairs that were done

by - Verified Customer September 02, 2012

Victor is the best! He is clear, honest, and personable.

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by - Verified Customer September 01, 2012

In this case the repair shop could not find the cause of the was at this time they called the dealer when they are in trouble. I don't know if they have the right test equipment. This was the first time they have left a job incomplete. Wiring was left exposed,panels we not put back in place, screws were stripped and calls were missed. If this was my first time going to this shop I would not go back, but heretofore they have given great service. I guess everyone has a bad day. They did perform a smog test I didn't authorize but it was an attempt to repair the problem. They couldn't turn off a "check engine" light....which I did after returning home with the vehicle by disconnecting the negative terminal, this allowing the system to re-set itself....the orginal problem thaI I needed to have the vehicle pass the smog test....which it did.

by September 01, 2012

It was one of the hottest days of the summer. I was grateful for the clean, cool waiting area!

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by - Verified Customer August 31, 2012

Everyone at ACA Automotive was very friendly and answered all my questions. Very professional! I will return for all my automotive needs!

by - Verified Customer August 29, 2012

Always professional and cheerful.

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by August 28, 2012

If they keep your car more than one week, they should wash your car as a courtesy.

by - Verified Customer August 25, 2012

ACA Automotive helped me in a very personal way. Having owned an Isuzu Trooper since it was purchased new in 1993, they marketed themselves as specialists for repair of this vehicle. Since they no longer manufacture Troopers, I was very thankful that they had this knowledge. Coming off another shop's failure to resolve problems I was having with the Trooper, ACA was very welcoming, engaging and honest about what was truly needed to correct the problem I had, and they certainly delivered in resolution, as well as built up my confidence that they can deliver as charged. I will now continue to use them for all of my vehicles - as they are honest, reliable and trustworthy. I highly recommend them.

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by August 20, 2012

I was quoted $1400 on my repairs to my vehicle after the $80 charge to inspect the vehicle. I felt the price was too high and was going to get a second opinion and the service desk said they were going to shop around for cheaper prices. I do not understand why they couldnt have shopped around for the cheapest prices to begin with but only dropped the price to $1300. My co-worker advised me to a mechanic of his and thg job was completed for $500. The vehicle is running perfect. I had been going to ACA for 3-4 years prior and will not return because of this instance. Who knows how many other times they have overcharged me.

by - Verified Customer August 17, 2012

Excellent verbal and written communication with customers; final invoice in clear language and detail.

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by August 16, 2012

Excellent customer service. Friendly staff. Highly recommended.

by - Verified Customer August 13, 2012

When i came in to A C A my engine lite was on so i had them to put it on the scope to find out what was wrong so when i came back they told me what was wrong they told me it was one of the sensors was bad so i ask them how much to fix it when they told me the price i was shocked so i said go ahead and fix it.

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by - Verified Customer August 10, 2012

nice people

by August 08, 2012

I would certainly go back if needed.

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by - Verified Customer August 08, 2012

I was charged a minimum fee and no work was done

by - Verified Customer August 07, 2012

Was told I needed a new battery according to a test/diognostic which I was charged $70 plus the fee for the New battery, including labor. 2 days later my car wouldn't start, so I took my car back to ACA and was told it was actually the Starter. What is the point of a test/diaognostic if it fails to find the real issue. So not only was I charged for a test that failed, a battery that I didn't need but received a lack of follow through from ACA to let me know that the car was ready and I had to call them to see if my car was ready and then expected to pick-up my car when they offer a shuttle service only to find out that this service is not available after 5pm. Let me add by saying 5pm was the time I was promised my car and that I would be receiving a phone call from ACA that my vehicle was ready. They did refund me half of the $70 diaognostic fee but better Service to the customer would have been to not charge at all for a test that does not work.

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by - Verified Customer August 04, 2012

I have been pleased in the past but this specific visit seemed like I ended up paying for them to check a bunch of stuff, not even fix it, and then it took way longer than expected when I needed my car the next day, so they weren't able to do any of the service I needed after all. I was pretty bummed. They don't apply the diagnostic costs towards repairs which seems like most other places do nowadays...

by - Verified Customer August 03, 2012

Excellent Customer Service, Thank you for the professionalism

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by - Verified Customer August 02, 2012

Great customer service with staff.

by - Verified Customer August 02, 2012

Victor is very reliable n nice!

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by August 01, 2012

My truck was is desperate need of a brake job. It cost $900 and two days later and to this day my brakes squeak and my truck doesn't stop like it should.

by - Verified Customer August 01, 2012

The Staff members are very helpful and and friendly. They seem very appreciative of the customers and pleased to serve.

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by - Verified Customer July 19, 2012

ACA has provided exemplary service at reasonable prices and is easily referrable to friends and family.

by - Verified Customer July 19, 2012

Repairs and service seem to take longer to complete than I have experienced in other locations.

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by - Verified Customer July 19, 2012


by - Verified Customer July 18, 2012

great service

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by July 16, 2012

I was charged for tire rotation. My tire pressure was not checked. Tires were not rotated or pressure checked on my wife's car when it was serviced. We were told that my wife's care needs a valve job. Another mechanic said it did not.

by - Verified Customer July 14, 2012

Gentleaen at the front desk always has a smile on his face, very friendly & no pressure about car repairs.

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by - Verified Customer July 10, 2012

Be more realistic about actual time vehicle was worked on.

by - Verified Customer July 06, 2012

Always professional.

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by July 06, 2012

Victor and the owner worked with us on pricing and we will continue to be long term customers.

by - Verified Customer July 05, 2012

I have been going to this shop for quite a few years and they are always very thorough with my repairs and if they suggest something needs to be done to my car I trust that it does. This is very important for me. I don't mind paying the money if I know the car needs the service they suggest.

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by - Verified Customer June 28, 2012

Customer service is really important to me. This includes the correct spelling of my name. ACA always gets it right. This survey intro letter got it wrong.

by June 23, 2012

mechanics are in too big of a hurry...making too many little errors on all the cars in my family. I am done with them

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by June 23, 2012

Wasnt thrilled that they put a customer discount card onto my car keychain. The metal ring was not meant to have something squeezed onto it and it stretched out my keyring. The next day my car remote got separated from the key and temporarily lost while running an errand. I went back to the store/parking lot to search and later found the remote but not without panic that I would need to purchase a new remote which is not inexpensive.

by June 18, 2012

They said they repaired my problem and I had to spend a lot more money and use the dealer to fix the problem

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by June 15, 2012

Smog Check passed.

by - Verified Customer June 14, 2012

I've been going here for years, had no problems

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by - Verified Customer June 13, 2012

Excellent customer service

by - Verified Customer June 13, 2012

I was quoted a repair which would have been unnecessary and overly costly. I chose to take my vehicle to another company and the diagnosis was completely different and the cost was more than 1/2 the quoted cost from ACA. I have recently heard of other related situations from acquaintances I have spoke to.

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by June 13, 2012

After almost two full days, my car was still not done when promised. I don't even think my alignment was completely corrected.

by - Verified Customer June 11, 2012

I recommend ACA to anyone who needs a repair shop for their car. Their customer service is second to none, their work is great and I trust their recommendations. I have never felt pressured to have work done. In fact, when I have asked them if I need other work done, they usually patiently explain to me why I should or shouldn't have it done. And they usually say I don't need it done. What mechanic does that??!! You can probably find a place that's cheaper but I think it's worth paying a little more for a repair shop I trust and like.

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by - Verified Customer June 09, 2012

Good people to do business with.

by - Verified Customer June 08, 2012

Im always treated very well by all the employees

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by - Verified Customer June 06, 2012

Great automotive maintenance and repair facility. Friendly staff and they were willing to use my own parts during several of my maintenance appointments.

by June 01, 2012

Had a light bulb replaced in the right front headlight and less than a month later I had to have it replaced again as the bulb quite working

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by May 31, 2012

It was a smog check

by - Verified Customer May 31, 2012

The tow truck driver was extremely courteous, helpful, and accommodating!

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by - Verified Customer May 25, 2012

Both check in and check out was geat. These guys are pros. It might cost some $...but you don't have to return your car for the same problem. Adam is the boss and is VERY FAIR. Get it done right...not fast. Use these guys. I used them for the past 5 yrs.

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Advanced Computer Automotive (ACA) has a very experienced staff of service writers and technicians ready to handle your service and repair needs. They place a high value on ASE certifications; two of their technicians are ASE certified Master Technicians and the combined years of experience for all of their technicians is 124 years. With a goal of complete customer satisfaction from start to finish, it's easy to see why ACA is part of our Certified Shop Network. ACA is also a California Smog Check Test and Repair Station and is open on Saturdays!



  • AC/Heating
  • Alignment
  • Check Engine Light
  • Classic Car Repair/Restoration
  • Diagnosis
  • Hybrid/Electric
  • Muffler & Exhaust
  • Oil Change & Lube
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Service & Repair
  • Smog/Emissions Testing
  • Timing Belts
  • Tire Sales/Repair
  • Transmission Repair
  • Windshield/Glass
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ACA Automotive is Long Beach's premier dealer alternative for automotive repair. Providing complete automotive repair for every make and model; while tailoring the service experience to the individual customer has made ACA Automotive a world class facility. Complete customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal from start to finish.


  • Acura
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Buick
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • FIAT
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Geo
  • Honda
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  • Jaguar
  • Jeep
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  • Land Rover
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Questions Answered by ACA Automotive
You would need to remove the dash covers and instrument cluster. You should be able to access the bulb from behind instrument cluster (a cover or two may have to be removed from the rear of the cluster to gain access to the circuit board).
The brakes are very soft. Have to push do...
I would start by attempting to bleed the brake system again. Seems as though there may be air stuck in the system. If no air is found when bleeding, there may be a leak and or the brake master cylinder may be bypassing.
There are many reasons that dash lights will not illuminate. It could be the fuse, switch or bulbs. I would recommend to diagnose the dash lights circuit to advise further. The reason that you cannot pass a smog inspection in CA due to no dash lights illuminating is because the state requires that we confirm the check engine light or MIL light properly illuminates to advise the driver there is an emissions related component that is not working properly.
No oil by valve cover
The oil may be a result of a few different scenarios. PCV restriction, engine blow by and/or intake manifold gasket/housing. The best way to go about finding out is to have an technician perform a diagnostic on the vehicle to determine the best repair. We are AAA approved and all technicians are ASE certified to provide you an estimate for repair. Just let us know if you would like to come in for the diagnostic inspection.
Frst the passenger door locks would cycle....
Mercedes has a very common issue with their door lock actuators. It is not uncommon for one or multiple to go out in close timing. I would recommend having a Mercedes certified mechanic remove the affected door panels and inspect, test and repair the necessary part(s).
We checked the hoses, changed the thermost...
When it comes the the cooling system of any vehicle. There can be multiple factors that can cause the vehicle to get hot. Any leak, air in system, cooling fan operations, head gasket pressure problems and of course the electrical sensors monitoring the system. We would recommend to diagnose the system to pin point the reason for overheating and go from there.

ACA Automotive
Sometimes when I try to start the engine i...
I would recommend to diagnose it, but it sounds like a starter problem. Make sure to check the flywheel teeth when you remove it.

ACA Automotive

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