Q: A/C wont cool. on 1990 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

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Just bought this 1990 chevy C1500 with almost 100,000 miles from the original owner. A/C will not cool and he has not driven the truck in about 2 years. The compressor kicks on and off very quick but I didnt run it long.What should I do first? Thanks JK In Oklahoma.
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The air conditioning pressure will have to be checked to see if there is sufficient refrigerant in the system to cool and operate. Air conditioning works on high pressure only a small leak quickly causes a drop in pressure. It is often hard to locate air conditioning refrigerant leaks. There is a refrigerant that has dye in it that helps locate a leak. After recharging the air conditioning with the dye if the system leaks it leaves a stain to help locate the source of the leak. An electronic "sniffer" can also be used to locate leaks, it acts like a geiger counter as you come closer to the area of the leak the "sniffer" beeps loudly.In either either case the system will need to be evacuated have the leak repaired and recharged with refrigerant and the proper lubricant or the system may soon loose its refrigerant charge again.
Thanks very much. I will check for leaks and is there a way I can do the evacuating of the old refrigerant. Thanks again for the help.
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