ac vent switch gears on 2004 Nissan Titan

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how do you fix the ac vent switch for the front vent. it use to make a clicking sound before it changed now it does not change to front vent at all.sounds like a gear of some sort is broken
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(2) Comments 04 Titan crew 4WD LE did same thing. VERY COMMON. Dealer should have tech bulletin on this problem and nissan will almost always fix it at no or little cost. My extended warranty took care of it ... AC Vent control servo under dash on passenger side. Dash has to be removed to fix. I have been a tech for 15 year an d specialize in nissan on the side. Takes me 1hr to R&R CAREFULLY. MANY DELICATE PARTS. I would not recommend a novice try it.... Can remove glove box to fell if its the AC servo clicking and making noise OR Also servo right next to throttle pedal at base of duct for rear heat control door will strip its plastic gears and click and pop. Hope this helps some.
The dealer has replaced mine 3 times. Every 9-12 months. My extended covered it every time. It is doing it again, 9 months later, but no Extended in place and I'm over the 12K milage for the 12M/12k. Dealer Says they are looking to see if Nissan will replace at no cost to me. I have also had fixed/replaced- Factory Amp, power seat contrals both sides, motor mounts, tranny mounts, header gaskets, sending unit for gas gage(full instament pannel), Air bag, Air bag sending unit pasanger seat, FULL WIRE HARNESS this weights 35-40 pounds. I'm sure there is a few things I forgot. Mesa AZ 2006 Crew Cab
I have a 2005 titan and my front four ac fans don't blow to well. I can feel the cold coming out a bit but not like the one's on the front side top that blow at the side windows. When i put it on full blast it sounds like it s blowing but not much come out. Do you have any idea why this could be happening? Thanks