Q: a/c transducer on 1994 Dodge Intrepid

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How do I replace my a/c transducer. All forums I've read with my problem (just heat, very hot, from vents with compressor running, but no cold air)say the transducer only lasts a decade to 15 years.
(1) Answer
The A/C Pressure Transducer functions as the refrigerant system pressure sensor. It supports the condenser/radiator fans and compressor functions. The pressure transducer is screwed attached to a valve on the discharge line near the compressor.
If the Transducer is defective, you A/C Compressor will not operate. To replace the Transducer, simply unscrew it with the appropriate wrench and replace it. There is a valve on the fitting to prevent refrigerant loss. If the compressor is running, you have a problem somewhere else in the system.