Q: A/C system not running normal. on 1995 Honda Civic

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when the compressor and clutch click on fan running it's blowing cold air, when the clutch and fan not running blowing only warm air, what is the possible problem? this only happens first thing in the morning or very hot outside about 30 mins then run normal after that.
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Got any guages to monitor system pressures when it's acting up? Is the condensor fan always on when the comp. clutch engaged? How frequently does it cycle when it's acting up?..........Just a few things to help understand what's happening. Is heater control cable responding properly?......afterthought......
no i do not have tools to monitor system pressure. yes condenser fan always on when the comp clutch engaged. when acting up about 15-30 mins then back to normal. yes heater control cable working properly ( manually ).another thing i noticed when not blowing cold air the comp. clutch not running but condenser fan is on, when that happens i turn off a/c and turn back on again. thank you
the Freon is low almost 1 lb. but still does it sometimes. i'm thinking maybe there's a switch to the comp. that's failing, i noticed that fan running but comp. not and no cold air when acting up.
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