Q: Ac system on 1991 Toyota Camry

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I already know the problem with my ac, the compressor is bad, my mechanic and I saw the refridgerant leaking out of the compressor with our own eyes. I have a new compressor and air dryer. I know how to replace the compressor, I just need to know how to replace the air dryer and recharge the system. I need the instructions to replace it. Thanks.
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Did you fill the compressor with the proper amount of oil? Many compressors come 'pre-filled', but in fact they are dry, so BE SURE TO VERIFY THIS. The Receiver/Dryer just bolts in and out. It is a black round cylinder. There are 2 o-rings to replace, but it is pretty straight forward. After this, you will need to evacuate the system for at least 1/2 -1 hour to remove any accumulated moisture. You need a set of A/C gauges and A/C system evacuation pump for this. Then you can fill the system. Did you convert it to R134? It is easy to do and a heck of a lot cheaper.