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Q: ac system on 2000 Toyota Camry

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the cooling part works well, i.e.: tested the pressure its perfect, and inside the cab the ac puts out very cold air. the problem: it works intermittently, i.e., with the ac button pushed in and the fan on the ac works fine for a while, maybe 5, 10 mins then starts to warm up. at the same time two things happen,l. the ac button light begins to flash instead of just staying on, and 2. the battery symbol indicator light ont the dash comes on, but this doesnt happen every time. however if i turn the ac off and then restart, the battery symbol goes away, the ac works for a moment, then gets warm, and the ac light flashes instead of staying steadily lit. lastly, if i hold the ac button in and keep it depressed then the ac will work. im thinking its an electrical problem with a relay or solenoid or pressure switich indicator. i really dont think the problem has anything to do with the freon, compressor, or radiator as none of those parts are indicating problem when trouble shooting with gauges.
When you say the pressures are perfect, what are they exactly? What is the low side cycling at during what outside air temp? And, what do the pressures do when the system acts up? The A/C button is flashing because of a malfunction. If you have Automatic Climate Control, then you can retrieve codes. If not, then I would get a wiring diagram and start testing all the electrical components. On many Camry's there is a Module that shuts the compressor on and off by energizing a relay. This module evaluates the system and even check the Compressor temp etc. If say the Compressor is over heating becasue of a system restriction, lets say, or icing up, ( lack of A/C services and dirty R-134 ) the module will shut off the compressor once a threshold has been crossed. You can get a wiring diagram form it will cost a little but you need it or you are just guessing ( a good way to burn through lots of money )

good luck and Happy 4th!
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