Q: ac sometimes works and sometimes does not on 2002 Ford Escort

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the ac in wifes car went out. replaced the clutch and realized there was not power to it. then replaced the ccrm (constant control relay module)then chrged the ac. while charging it cooled for alittle then stopped. we put 2 and 1/2 cans of 134. still not workinfg properly. on our way home it started cooling ice cold. the next day on her way home from work it stopped again. replaced the low pressure switch and still not it works sometimes and sometimes not. what is going on? can anyone help?
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I would go back to the basics, i.e. did you evacuate the system before adding the R-134? This is REALLY important, because if there is any air or moisture in the system the A/C will work erratically at best. During the Evacuation, check for any leaks by shutting off the vacuum pump and seeing if the system vacuum holds for at least 15 minutes.

These are the first 2 steps I perform when I start an A/C Diagnosis.

Then once you determine that the system has no leaks and that the R-134 is not contaminated, you can start to inspect the various sensors etc. Also verify that you are getting power and ground to your compressor. Does the Compressor work properly with the new Clutch? Does it build the proper pressures?
thanks for the response. the clutch and compressor seem to work fine. we could see the air cycle through the lines when we charged it as well. now it has worked since yesterday afternoon. we vacuumed it down a day before we charged it. could air still get in. if so is it possible that it pushed through and my work fine?