Q: A/C relay switch on 2002 Volkswagen Passat

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I wanted to know the location of the a/c relay switch for replacement, thank you. My car has no a/c, and was diagnosed as a failed switch, needs replacement, need to know the location.
(1) Answer
it's under the dash on the driver side. If you open the side panel with the fuses in it and look over the top to the inside you can see one relay in there. It is just to the lower right of the one you can see. Remove the two screws that hold on the side of the dash panel on the side with the fuses (TORX screws) and under you will see one where your owners manual goes to the rightand another in the smaller compartment to the left (TORX again) and these both screw upwards in there. Once the 4 screws are removed you can pop the panel loose. You will see a battery of relays then.