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Q: AC or FAN smell on 2009 Lincoln Town Car

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when I the fan/AC is on inside smells like the car was sitting in an old water tank. After a while the smell is gone...
Any Idea what can cаuse this???
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Yes. There is basically bacteria growing in your evaporator box that is caused by moisture that never dissipates. There are deodorizers that you can spray in the evaporator box that can kill the bacteria (but then typically overwhelm you with a chemical or cleaner smell...). But to solve the problem long term - do this:

Make sure your evaporator drain is not plugged. A plugged drain will cause the water to stay longer. Water build up is entirely normal, by the way, as your air conditioner runs nearly always with your Town Car ventilation system on to keep dehumidifying your interior. Standing water = bacteria growth = odor.

Secondly - it's a good idea to try and operate your fan from time to time without the AC compressor running, attracting moisture to that evaporator core and box. You can do this by using the floor only setting on your temperature control. Take it off the "AUTO" setting and direct it to the floor. Floor does not use the AC compressor and will not build up moisture in the box. Using the fan like this will help dry out any condensation standing in the box...with the understanding that the drain is working too.

You do have a 2009 vehicle - are you still under 50,000 miles? Your dealership should take care of the cleaning and inspection of your evaporator drain underneath the factory warranty

Good luck!
thank you for your answer Dave

already more miles, drive a lot. I use basically the fan, the A/C is most often off. If I remove the evaporator, clean it up - would that help? Well, the smell is not always in the car, just by starting the AC after long rest time, or sometimes the fan in the morning...

Will try the steps you describe, hope that will help. Thank you again
You cannot really easily remove the evaporator. If you can access the box that would be great.
The smell is gone. Just set the "auto" option and use fan. No smell more. Even when use A/C is no smell there...

Thank you Dave
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