Q: AC only blows cold air when driving and RPM's are above 2000 on 2006 Ford Five Hundred

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Our Ford Five Hundred has really never given us any problems but lately the AC only blows cold are when your driving and the RPM's are above 2000. When idle it just blows hot air. It works fine in cooler temperatures (60's-70's) too but of course in Texas we only get cooler temps about 4 months of the year.
Got any ideas on what is causing this and how to fix it?
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The maximum efficiency of air conditioner performance will indeed be at or above 2000 RPM. Below that, it won't produce as much cold air, comparatively.

However, that isn't to say nothing is wrong. The system could be slightly low in charge, causing performance to be slightly off. Have the system checked.
I appreciate your time to answer this! I've asked a friend of mine about it and he asked me if I'd ever had any problems with the alternator. I recall all of my electrical going out briefly on the same day I noticed the AC not working well. I assumed it was just a fluke. We were idling and all of the gauges dropped and the fan quit working. I got going and the gauges and fan all started working again. Would an alternator make the AC not work well?
Not the AC system via compressor - as it's merely a belt driven pump...however...I suppose if the power was totally compromised the coil would not energize possibly...

It would be doubtful, put it that way.
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